How ‘Training Wheel’ Chords can help you learn the guitar faster

by IanM on January 22, 2014

Training Wheel ChordsHave you ever tried to learn the guitar but gave up out of frustration because you just couldn’t manage to press and change chords smoothly? Do you still struggle when trying to learn songs on the guitar?

If so, then this post probably applies to you. Today I’m going to talk about Training Wheel chords and how they can help you finally get around to playing your first and many more songs on the guitar.

By the end of this article, I’m hoping that if you have guitar sitting in the corner of your room that you haven’t touched in awhile, you’ll feel motivated to perhaps give it another try.

Training Wheel Chords help you master pressing and changing chords faster

Like training wheels on a bicycle are designed to allow people to begin riding immediately, Training Wheel Chords help beginners overcome the physical obstacle of pressing and changing between chords smoothly.

Being able to change between chords quickly and smoothly is essential to smooth guitar playing. It is also a problem many people who try to start playing guitar fail to overcome.

By learning chords which have very similar finger positions, this allows you to change between chords without having to change the position of all of your fingers, which makes a huge difference when you’re an absolute beginner.

The best example of chords which can be used by beginners to play a large number of songs is G, Dsus4, Em7 and Cadd9. These combination of chords are what I like to call the Training Wheel Chords for 3 reasons:

  1. They allow you learn 4 good sounding chords quickly
  2. These 4 chords can be used to play many songs immediately
  3. They train you to build strength in all 4 of your fingers immediately

In the video below I demonstrate using the Training Wheel Chords when playing through 16 different songs.

The chord names may sound complicated, but hand positions only require the player to switch one or two fingers in order to change to the next chord.

Changing the position of 2 fingers is definitely much easier than changing the position of 4 fingers. Your brain feels the same way.

Using simpler chords which are similar to each other translates to quicker physical adaptation and being able to play songs sooner.

Most of the song tutorials on the website can be played using only the Training Wheel Chords, so check them out if you want to start practicing.

Why the Training Wheel Chords are great for absolute beginners

The great thing about Training Wheel Chords is :

  1. they allow you to master pressing and changing chords faster,
  2. the chords sound good and
  3. the chords can be applied to hundreds of songs right away.

For every beginner, the biggest challenge’s they face are:

  1. Pressing chords
  2. Changing between chords
  3.  Strumming

Without these basic skills, you will not able to play the guitar – and many people give up because they are unable to gain these skills quickly.

Using the Training Wheel Chords, beginners can learn to press and change chords more quickly and easily, allowing them to build strength in their fingers and focus more attention on improving their strumming.

This in turn allows you to play songs and see success more quickly which will help you stay motivated in mastering other aspects of playing the guitar.

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