Don’t – Ed Sheeran – Beginner Guitar Tutorial (No Capo)

by IanM on January 30, 2015

An easy guitar lesson for beginners who want to learn to play (and sing) "Don't" by Ed Sheeran, with easy chords and strumming and no bar chords.


#1 How to do a palm mute

The following tips where not mentioned in this video but are still useful
#2 Replace Bm and D with G to play the song with 3 chords instead of 4

#3 Use the training wheel chords G, Dsus4 and Cadd9 to play the song more easily if you struggle with changing chords while strumming


Chords used: Em Bm C D

Strumming pattern:
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
D _ D _ D _ D U (recommended)
D _ D _ D _ D _ (easier)

Tutorial Key: G (Capo 1st fret to match original key)
Original Key : G#


Em Bm C D x2

Verse 1:
Em Bm C D x7
Em Bm

Em Bm C D x4

Verse 2

Verse 3

Help Me Dude – I’m a COMPLETE beginner and still need help

  1. Check out the Free Beginner Guitar Course and Lessons on the site to see if they help
  2. Send me an email through the contact form here and I'll do my best to help answer your question (silly questions allowed).

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