Beginner Fingerstyle/Fingerpicking Essential Fundamentals

by IanM on February 8, 2015

In this video I explain some core concepts which will help you go through my fingerstyle tutorials more quickly and easily.

Even if you are not an absolute beginner, I highly recommend going through this video before trying out my fingerstyle tutorials. It will save you time and you'll be able to follow along more easily if you do.

Basically in this video I cover the following:

  1. Essential Chord Shapes
  2. Range of motion for fingers on the chord hand
  3. Bass note positions for essential chords
  4. Essential terms
  5. Finger positions for plucking hand
  6. A few other important things

I've designed the tutorials specifically for people getting started with fingerstyle, however only practice will help you overcome the physical challenges of playing fingerstyle (pressing chords, plucking strings etc.)

That said, you will utilize many of the same skills, chords and finger positions in most of my tutorials, so you will have a chance to get alot of practice on fundamental functional skills that will allow you to play great sounding songs.

A strong foundation in your basics is essential for fast progress, so stay focused and don't give up.

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