Mr Brightside – The Killers – (No Capo) Beginner Guitar Tutorial

by IanM on March 31, 2011

An easy beginner guitar tutorial to help you learn the song Mr Brightside by The Killers on guitar fast with easy chords options, no complicated theory and without a capo (if you don’t have one or don’t want to use one). Learn how to play and sing this song in 2 easy steps.


Click here to watch the video on YouTube


  • G G/F# C x2
  • G G/F# C
  • G G/F# C
  • G G/F# C
  • G G/F# C
  • Em D C
  • Em D C
  • G C Em D
  • G C Em D
  • G C Em D
  • G C Em D
  • G C Em D x2 (From here you can loop the song or go to the Outro to end the song)
  • G C Em D (This is the part where he goes “I’ll never”)
Click Here for Chords & Lyrics on
Note: Chords on Ultimate Guitar may be different from the tutorial above due to being in a different key or because the author has simply used different chords from my version. Use the transposing tool available on their site to transpose chords to the key you wish to play in.


The original key of the song is C# so capo the 6th fret and use the chords below if you want to play in the same key as the original song.


CHORDS USED (5): G, G/F#, D, Em and C

Easier Chord Options (5): G, G/F#,  Dsus4, Em7 and Cadd9

  • Tutorial Song Key: G
  • Original Song Key: C# (Capo 6th fret)


Down Strokes Only: (Recommended for beginners)
  • down down DOWN down down down DOWN down
Up and Down Strokes:
  • down (down up) (down up) (down up) (down up)

NOTES: When you play a new chord, always start with a single down stroke followed by the (down up)(down up) strumming, until the next new chord. The timing between 2 chords is inconsistent, so you could be playing (down up) once or as many as 10 times between chords depending on the part of the song. Refer to the tutorial for timing.

Strumming pattern used in tutorial:
  • down (down up)( __up) (down up) down (down up)(__up)(down up)
This is for players who are more comfortable with strumming and the timing is the same as the strumming pattern above. The only difference is that for every second (down up), you omit the (down) part so you are essentially playing nothing for half a beat.

Help Me Dude – I’m a COMPLETE beginner and still need help

  1. Check out the Free Beginner Guitar Course and Lessons  on the site to see if they help
  2. Send me an email through the contact form here and I’ll do my best to help answer your question (silly questions allowed).

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