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Hi there and welcome to Learn Guitar Fast Tips where the goal is to help you learn to play the guitar as fast as possible by teaching you only the essential fundamentals and giving you songs that you can practice and improve your skills on.

This site is great for:

  • Absolute beginners who want to start learning guitar
  • People who want to learn songs with easy chords & strumming
  • People who want to get started learning fingerstyle guitar with easy arrangements

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  • Check out our FREE Beginner's Guitar Course (it will teach you the essentials so you can learn the song tutorials faster) OR
  • Check out the Chord Tutorials (if you come across any weird chords you don't know and need help learning them)

I also recommend beginners read my post on Training Wheel Chords and how they can help you learn chords faster and play the songs you want to play sooner!

OPTION #2 : I need some easy beginner songs to play!

If a song you want to play is not in my list, you can make a request through the contact form here.