Guitar Chord Tutorials

Click on a chord name below to view a specific chord tutorial.

You do NOT need to learn ALL these chords, however you will probably come across them at some point, so here are tutorials to help you learn them when you do.

Normal Chords

This is a list of all the posts for chord demonstrations of normal chords.

Bar Chords

This is a list of all the posts for chord demonstrations of bar chords.

Transposing With And Without A Capo

Below I have listed both no capo and with capo options for playing in all the major song keys. If you want to play more songs sooner rather than later, focus on the 8 beginner chords I recommend below and use a capo. Most of my song tutorials use this method.

Using only the chords C, G, F, D, Dm, Em, Am, Bm (8 chords) and a capo, you can play in every single song key. The 8 beginner chords are the most common chords used in most popular songs. Without a capo, you would need to learn at least 27 chords to play in every key.

C Key (Beginner Chords): C G Am F Em Dm

G Key (Beginner Chords): G D Em C Bm Am

Barre Chords Sorted By Key

Use the chords below if you want/need to play in a specific key using only barre chords. I’ve only included major keys because all other keys are only a half step up for sharps (#) or a half step down for flats (b) from each key listed below.

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